SPANISH a language map (R) ebook ISBN 9781931873710

SPANISH a language map (R)


From the time you step off the plane, hop in a cab and order your first "cerveza," you'll want the local language in your back pocket and "SPANISH a language map" is just the ticket! This clever guide gives you exactly what you'll need at a glance with the most essential words at your fingertips. You'll have more fun asking for directions (¿Dónde está el hotel?), shopping for souvenirs (¿Cuánto cuesto?), or greeting the locals (¡Buenos días!) because you can do it in Spanish! A traveler's dream come true, this "Language Map" is perfect for your holiday on the beaches of Costa Rica or that long-awaited trip to Spain. Now with a new section, "Phone, Mail & Internet," you'll have the words for laptop, tablet, SIM card and more. You won't miss a beat sharing your stories online with friends and family. Finding an internet café, free wifi, or an adapter for your mobile devices is so much easier. Make "SPANISH a language map" your travel companion--take it everywhere you go and all your language needs are covered!
Hundreds of words and phrases you'll need most.Divided into key categories such as Asking Questions, Dining Out, Meeting People, Shopping, Sightseeing, Transportation and much more.Unique snap-open and fold design.Pronunciation is easy with simple phonetics.Ultra-thin (barely 1/8" thick) and light-weight (under two ounces).Laminated for durability.Folds up like a map to slip easily into your pocket or bag.Full color, original artwork.

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