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Bosoms and Bottoms


Bosoms and Bottoms, a series of photographs and large-scale artist book by LG Williams, records the activity of the artist in Hawaii when he was wary of surfing dangerously large waves in the winter swells of 2001-2002. With a small digital camera, LG, in his words, "used this camera as a way of documenting beautiful areas of the beach, not fully appreciated, over-looked, or discarded."

Two hundred and thirteen photographs reveal facets of LG's walk along the beautiful beaches of Waikiki. His camera caught everything up-close and personal: bosoms and bottoms, thongs and towels, along with other images indicative of Hawaii's tropical scenery. LG caught many bright flashes of movement with his lens, like a hand covering a bellyring with suntan lotion, or striking head-on images of sunbathers, eyes glowing as they bask in the sun. References to the artist's imaginative process implicit in Bosoms and Bottoms invokes certain early pieces of the artist's work from of the late 1990s, when he directed his focus to pursuing representative images in his Southern California Bel Air studio.

For Year in Rearview (1997), LG committed himself to making one hundred ephemeral condom photos in a year. His series of paintings from this time, such as End of a Legend (1999) and The Bottom Line and The Position Paintings (2000-2001), were also conceived in this studio and involve one long concentrated activity repeated in provocative and suggestive ways.

Today, many consider LG among the elite pioneers working in the visual arts. In his current involvement with incidents ostensibly both banal and pointed, he reverts to a recurrent theme in his oeuvre that has consistently proven as deceptive as it is alarming.

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