Social Work and Integrated Care ebook ISBN 9781138484160

Social Work and Integrated Care


Social Work and Integrated Care draws on the latest research, practice and theory to explore integration within both child and adult services. Although all the home nations in the UK view integrated care as a top priority within health and social care policy, many people continue to experience fragmented care. This book sets out the case for integration, considers the evidence of its impact, and discusses the implementation challenges that must be overcome.

Packed full of current examples of integration, from across the UK and internationally, and reflexive exercises which highlight practice issues for social workers, it provides the following key learning outcomes:

* An understanding of what is meant by integrated care and why it is seen as vital to a modern health and social system.

* A knowledge of the expected impacts in relation to improving the experience and outcomes for individuals and their families, addressing inequalities and promoting health and wellbeing and increasing financial efficiency.

* A recognition of the common barriers to integrated care and what such fragmentation can mean for individuals and their families.

* A critical review of key approaches to promote integration and their practical implementation.

* Reflection on the potential contribution of social workers and their own collaborative practice.

Providing a comprehensive and accessible overview of integrated care policies and practice, this book will help prepare social workers for the realities of collaborating with other professions and services. It should be considered essential reading for students undertaking their professional qualification and those who are in practice who are looking to improve their ability to collaborate.

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