The Cannibal's Feastebook ISBN 1522085114

The Cannibal's Feast


A new science fiction thriller from award winning author, Robert I. Katz: In the Twenty-Fifth Century, mankind has spread throughout the solar system and beyond. Ships move faster than light. Interstellar travel is common. Asteroids have been hollowed out, are inhabited by billions and have become the prosperous center of human civilization. Those governments that still exist on the home planet are regarded by most of mankind as inefficient and obsolete. Earth is a sleepy backwater. The Industrial Congress, a loose association of humanity's largest, most powerful corporations, and its military arm, the Comity, tries to keep the peace in Sol system between endlessly feuding corporations. Matthew Braden is young, smart and ambitious. Born on a run-down habitat in Earth orbit, he has graduated at the top of his class from the training institute of the Biotek-Itachi Gesselschaft, one of the largest industrial combines in human occupied space. Matthew is a Generalist, flexible, adaptable, highly intelligent and able to function well in any environment or situation. Assigned to Cygnus, the Security Division of the corporation, Matthew's mind and body have been modified with enhanced senses and increased physical abilities. Sent on a mission to make contact and establish trade with an advanced alien species, Matthew and his fellows are attacked and their ship destroyed by the forces of the Hyperion-Narita Combine, Biotek's principal corporate adversary. Now condemned to labor in a slave camp on an unregistered planet, Matthew finds his new abilities stretched to the limit as he struggles to survive and ultimately, to fight back against the enemies who have betrayed him.

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