The Crown of Thornsebook ISBN 099047643X

The Crown of Thorns


I was raised in a family of preachers. I have never in my 78 years of living, heard anyone declare this truth about the purpose for the crown of thorns. What Jesus suffered under the crown of thorns was made known to me by the Holy Spirit. I was amazed about it's apparent concealment and furtiveness. It became so obvious. When I have declared this message in guest speaking occasions it has had some amazing results. You will read two testimonies of miraculous mental healing as a result of this message to the audiences. Life continues to change with each level of knowledge that we develop. I know this change for the better will happen to you as you read and discover this exceptional and striking, life changing truth. I finished your manuscript this morning -WOW!! You have some massive revelation in these pages - I was really blessed by the Crown of Thorns prayer and the focus you brought to me of the associated healing-far crisper in my mind now than before. I was also greatly blessed by your short explanation on Paradise and the work of Jesus from the cross to the throne - once again, far clearer than before. I'll be re-reading this book and teaching several points for clarification in our services-what a blessing! Thank you Gerald for sharing it with me, Dr. Brian D. Scott - Canada There is alot of wisdom in these pages. I am grateful to understand, for the first time, the redemptive power in the crown of thorns Jesus bore on the cross. Two types of people will love this book: those who value the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross, - and those who want to live with the wisdom displayed by Daniel, king Solomon and Jesus. Awesome truth!! Sandino Castillo - Conroe, Texas Not only is this a timely manuscript. - it is appropriate, easy reading, inspirational, edifying, thought provoking and Biblically Sound... we want to purchase the first 10 off the printing press...each one of my kids and grandkids will receive a copy... congratulations again! Guy Worsham - Humble, Texas It is wonderful to know the power that Jesus gave us through His persecution from the Crown of Thorns. This book confirms that every one of us can think like Philippians 4:8 tells us to daily. Depression, fears and mental anxiety have no room in a child of God's mind! Dr. David Yanez - Kingwood, Texas A WORD ABOUT THE AUTHOR Now at the age of 78, the author has spent nearly 20 years as pastor of churches in the earlier years of ministry, and the balance of his total 59 years in ministry as guest speaker in churches across America. He has traveled in over 40 out of the country missions activities. His earned Doctor of Divinity degree is from Gulf Coast Seminary In Panama City, Florida. In his retirement years, he now lives in Conroe, Texas with his wife Thelma. They were married 60 years on June 1st, 2014.

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