How to Write a Children's Book and Get it Publishedebook ISBN 0471676195

How to Write a Children's Book and Get it Published


Your one-stop guide to writing and selling books for children Get the tools you need to:
* Develop story ideas that work
* Strengthen your writing skills
* Improve your work habits
* Write for different age groups
* Look at your work critically
* Submit proposals and manuscripts
* Find the right publisher for your work
* Understand and negotiate contracts
* Work with agents and editors
* Join the writing community Do you dream of becoming the next J. K. Rowling? Are you excited about writing for children but have no idea how to begin or where to send your material? Now, respected children's writer Barbara Seuling gives you the essential steps to getting published in the competitive, exciting world of children's literature. From finding story ideas and creating character sketches to plotting, writing dialogue, editing, and revising your work, you'll learn how to complete a manuscript and prepare it for submission. Whether you want to write picture or chapter books, fiction or nonfiction, poetry or plays, Seuling helps you master the different genres and capture a child's interest and imagination, from the early years to young adult. Her fully revised guide also covers the major developments in book publishing, including vital information about using the Internet to research the market and contact publishers. Seuling even discusses recent successes such as the Harry Potter series, as well as the growth of Complete with updated lists of writing organizations, marketing information, and recommended reading, this is the only guide you need to start writing, get published, and touch the lives of children.

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