Play Diagnosis and Assessmentebook ISBN 0471254576

Play Diagnosis and Assessment


The leading resource on identifying children's problems through play therapy--completely revised The first edition of Play Diagnosis and Assessment was the first volume of its kind to provide a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and assessment of children through play. Over the past several years, numerous changes within the field have encouraged the development of improved techniques that surpass traditional assessment protocols and methods, such as new scales, more focused procedures, and instruments with higher levels of reliability and validity than have been previously established. Now, this classic book has been updated to address and reflect these ongoing changes. Focusing on the needs of the clinician, this new edition presents empirically tested diagnostic tools and describes improvements to existing play therapy assessment instruments, such as new testing instruments for time-limited therapy and early intervention assessment tools for young children.
The book is divided into six sections: Developmental Play Assessments Diagnostic Play Assessments Parent-Child Interaction Play Assessments Family Play Assessments Peer Interaction Play Assessments Projective Play Assessments The procedures described in each section target a variety of ages and populations, representing some of the most valuable, informative, and sensitive contributions to the field. Integrating formal research with clinical methods, Play Diagnosis and Assessment, Second Edition is the definitive resource for clinicians dedicated to the identification of children's problems and the best ways to intervene through the lighthearted and productive use of play therapy.

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